Terms of service

  1. This document is a regulation (hereinafter: "Regulations"), defining the rules for the provision of services through the TRADE X LINE platform, hereinafter referred to as the "Platform"
  2. TRADE X LINE is an online platform that provides services to users registered on the website. The site is available via tradexline.com. The Administrator and Service Provider is TROIKA MARKETING Ltd registered at: Suite 15, 1st Oliaji Trade Center, Francis Rachel Street, P.O. Box 1004, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles. The User is obliged to direct all statements related to the Service Provider's activities to this entity, and contact with the Service Provider is possible via the email [email protected]
  1. Users are offered access to the Services provided on the website in accordance with their scope and the ability to use them in accordance with these terms and additional published terms, including in particular information on subpages of each Service, including: 1. XL Plan operates for 6 months; 2. Plan 2XL works for 9 months; 3. Plan 3XL works for 12 months; REGISTRATION ON THE SITE DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY FEES.
  2. The purchaser acknowledges that participation in the cryptocurrency market is associated with the risk of the Client not achieving a profit, in particular in connection with fluctuations in cryptocurrency rates.
  1. To create an Account, it is necessary to register by completing the registration form, including: e-mail address and username ("Nick"), password (which can not be shorter than 5 characters)
  2. Registration is also required for acceptance of the Regulations and the Privacy Policy and consent to the processing of personal data.
  3. The account is established for an indefinite period, upon receipt by the User of a registration confirmation via e-mail.
  4. One person can set up only one Account. It is possible to register only one Account associated with one email address.
  5. The Customer is obliged to protect the confidentiality of his Account data, in particular the password to access the Account, on his own. The Service Provider is not responsible for the consequences of providing the third party with data to log in to the Account.
  6. The contract may contain natural persons, legal persons and other organizational units to which the act grants legal capacity. The age of adulthood is determined by the law of the user's country of origin. Registration is free and the user gains access to the functionality of the website. In case of doubts as to the age of the User, the Service Provider may verify it, requesting the submission of relevant supporting documents.
  7. By registering on the site, by completing the form, accepting the check boxes and confirming its data, the User concludes a contract for the provision of electronic services, accepts the available Terms and Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, in particular: 1) the scope of Services provided; 2) There is no need to invite a new person to the website; 3) payment terms; 4) No guarantee of profit, potential risk resulting from the purchase of cryptocurrency services; 5) Exclusive statutory right to withdraw from the contract due to sharing digital data (services available on the Website) and a possible situation where profits (commissions) depend on fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market over which the Service Provider has no control.
  8. The registration itself does not require any fees, the User decides about the payment or purchase of the Service. The Service Provider represents and the User acknowledges that the Service Provider does not carry out any fundraising activity to encumber the risk of such funds.
  9. Purchase of the program available on the website. The company's activity is not perceived as investment advice or a recommendation of the Service Provider aimed at the purchase, sale or possession of a specific asset. The company is not registered as an investment adviser.
  10. The service provider may enter additional methods of account security, including the procedure associated with the Google Authenticator application or the like.
  11. The User acknowledges and agrees that in connection with the AML (Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing) procedure, the Service Provider may request User verification at any time during its operation. Lack of verification, confirmed by documents, may result in suspension or deletion of the account, including a write-down of the funds collected.
  1. TRADE X LINE reserves the right to change these terms and conditions (a) in the event of any changes introduced by legal changes, (b) in the event of any changes made as a result of a court decision, (c) due to technical necessity, (d) to maintain company's activities, (e) in the event of a change in market conditions, (f) in favor of the user.
  2. TRADE X LINE will inform Users about the changes introduced no later than one month earlier via the Administration Panel (Profile, Back Office and Newsletters). The user has the right not to agree to introduce certain changes. If he does not inform the Company of his disagreement with the new regulations, they will become an integral part of the Agreement. In the event of disagreement and lack of willingness to continue cooperation with TRADE X LINE, the User has the right to terminate the Agreement on the day of entry into force of the amended version of the Agreement.
§ 5. Rights and obligations of Users
  1. The Service Recipient should report to the Service Provider all activities of other Service Users, for which there may be a suspicion that they use the Website in a manner contrary to the law or good manners.
  2. The Customer is not allowed to respond to press inquiries regarding the Website or Services provided by the Website.
  3. Due to the commencement of using the Services before the end of the withdrawal period, the Users are not entitled to withdraw from the contract.