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What is TXL ?

We are a professional portal created in 2019 with the cooperation of a group of Experts and the best traders from around the world.

Blockchain is our main passion.

As a qualified and competent team based on many years of experience, we are able to provide services based on professional trading, providing our clients with satisfaction at an unprecedented level.

Our team specializes in providing financial analysis and creating analytical tools for the forex market.

Our experts, for a long time seeing a huge market opportunity, successfully multiplied capital by investing in crypto-currencies. They have learned a lot about cryptography and the entire market. They decided to develop more tools for traders and cryptographic users, which resulted in the active participation of our experts in advising and co-creating legal regulations in many countries such as Malta, Lithuania, Estonia, Switzerland, Canada and others.

Our traders are currently using the right combination of investment strategies to achieve the set goals and assumptions. Our team focuses on global analysis, solid research and modern technologies that give unique opportunities. The tools used by our experts allow us to better predict the risk, thus protecting our clients' wallets!

We invest very effectively and diversify funds in lucrative Masternodes. We work with several of the largest Bitcoin mines that bring passive income to the company. Thanks to our programming and consulting experts, we have created many tools and engines that are currently used by several major broker companies and used through many cryptocurrency exchanges. Our experts are also successfully and highly effective on the real estate market and the development market in America, Asia and Arab countries.

Already in 2020, based on experience and contacts, we plan to put into operation our proprietary crypto exchange market combined with a crypto exchange office.

Thanks to our qualified team, the company managed to invest in a hotel development project. An investment in an emerging hotel in the UAE will generate a steady profit. Thanks to this investment, already in 2023 our users will be able to spend their dream vacation in AE at very preferential prices. And users who meet certain conditions will be able to in one of 2,500 rooms, use the hotel facilities for 14 days once a year for free.

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Christian Tremblay

TradeXLine CEO

Christian is 31 years old and comes from Edmonton, Canada. He gained education in Switzerland - a country that is the cradle of banking and financial sectors. He graduated with honors in field of Business Economics and Finances & Investment.

For over 10 years, he is acquiring professional knowledge related to securities trading and risk capital management. Actively operates on financial markets where it achieves significant successes. He trades professionally on stock exchanges of the world, from futures to stocks, currencies, and spreads. He gained experience in trading with people who are perceived in this environment as the elite of the stock markets.

Currently, he is a professional trader and uses technical and fundamental analysis while making specific investment decisions. For some investments, He also use inter-market analysis.

He is involved in network marketing since 2012 and during his career he has built teams of over 10,000 distributors in several companies.
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